Classes not showing on Moodle

Registered for a course and it's not showing up in Moodle?

Written By Ron Coller (Administrator)

Updated at October 27th, 2022

Registered for classes and when you login to Moodle they're not showing? There can be a few different reasons please check below:

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Common reasons:

  • Course official start date has not yet arrived. 
    • To check the official start date of the class login to the Bruin Portal > Class Schedules to view your schedule and see the start dates for each class.
      • Instructors have an Option of opening their courses early (up to one week) but are not required to open them early. 
Bruin Portal Class schedule start date image
  • Are you sure your Registered for the course? 

planned versus registered class schedule image

Still not showing?

If you have verified that the official start date of the course has arrived or past and you verified you are indeed registered what should you do next? 

  1. Contact the Instructor via phone or email (staff directory)
  2. Contact the HelpDesk (269) 965-4148 or [email protected] 
    1. The HelpDesk will not activate the course for you, but we will attempt to contact the instructor and assist them in opening it up
    2. We will check other systems to make sure there is not an issue preventing the course from opening.