How to take a Quiz

Written By Ron Coller (Administrator)

Updated at February 15th, 2021

Your instructor can deliver quizzes in Moodle using a variety of question types, including multiple choice, true-false, short answer, numeric questions and more. Quizzes may be configured in very different ways, so don’t expect to always see the same thing when you take a quiz. For example, you may see quiz results as soon as you finish all the questions or even as you submit each question. You may need to wait until after the quiz deadline, or until all submitted quizzes are graded before results are released. 

Step 1. Locate the Quiz/Exam/Test within the course.

  • Quiz links will always be located within the Topic or Weekly sections that are in the middle column of your course.
  • If your instructor has add the Activities Block, you can click on Quizzes and see a list of available quizzes for the course.

quiz image

Step 2. Click on the link to the quiz. The Quiz screen will open showing a summary of information about the quiz. This may include:

  • Instructions for the Quiz.
  • Grading method or points possible.
  • Number of time you can take the Quiz (called attempts)
  • Time Limit
  • Date Range for which you can take the Quiz.

quiz image

Step 3. To begin, click Attempt quiz now. A confirmation screen will remind you of any time restrictions or limited number of attempts.

Note: If your quiz is interrupted, you can return to the quiz and click Continue last attempt to resume your work, even if you lose your connection to Moodle, as long as the deadline or time limit has not passed on the quiz. 

start attempt image

Step 4. Quizzes may have more than one question per page. The way you answer each questions will vary on the question type. 

  • You can use the Quiz Navigation panel on the left side of the screen to move between quiz pages. It will show you progress as well as your timer. You can use the Quiz Navigation to skip questions and return to them later while still taking the quiz. This will highlight them a different color so you will be able to quickly and easily tell which one still need answered.
  • For some quiz and/or question types, you will need to click Submit to move on to the next question.
  • Some quiz questions will require a Next button (at the bottom of the page) to move to another question

navigate quiz image

Step 5. When you are finished with the Quiz, there will be a Summary of attempt screen that will list the question numbers and whether they have been answered or not. To return to the question, click on the question Number under Navigation or from the list. You may also click on Return to Attempt.

summary of attempt image

Step 6. When you are finished with your answers, click Submit all and Finish to finalize your attempt. 

NOTE: you will not be able to change any answers after you click the Submit all and Finish button. 

submit all an finish image