Search and Register

Written By Ron Coller (Administrator)

Updated at September 15th, 2021

Searching sections to add your course plan.

Step 1: Open an internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) and go to Login to the Bruin Portal using your K-ID and Universal Password.

Bruin Portal Login Button image Portal Login Button Image

Bruin Portal Sign in Page image

Step 2: From the Bruin Portal home screen, there are two ways to search for sections. One, click on Search for Classes from the web part on the right. Or two, click on the Academics(graduation cap) and then Search For Classes.

Search for classes image

Step 3: From the Search for Courses and Course Sections screen, there are a couple different ways of searching. 

  1. Search for a Specific Course
  2. Enter a subject 
  3. Click on the subject link

Step 4: Once you have searched for the subject, View Available Sections for (course). 

*Note: The "Add Course to Plan" is for picking classes for future semesters.

View available sections image

Step 5: Once you locate the course that best fits your schedule, click on Add Section to Schedule, this will put the section on your Plan. 

*Planned courses are not registered courses.  

Add section to schedule image

Step 6: A pop-up window will appear for you to verify all the section details. Click Add Section to add to your Plan. 

Step 7: On the left side of the screen click on Academics (graduation cap), Student Planning, and finally Plan & Schedule.

academics, student planning, plan an schedule image

Step 8: To register for all sections at once click on the Register Now button located at the top right of the webpage. Or you can register for sections individually on the left hand side, under each course listed is a Register button.

*Note - Online sections are at the bottom of the calendar, they do not have a specified meeting time, however they will have a schedule with due dates and times. 

online sections are at the bottom of the page image

Step 9: There is a couple different ways to determine if you are registered. 

  1. Visually, registered courses are green in color, planned courses are yellow in color.
  2. The course sections on the left, this will show the yellow and green colors as well, but will have the words "Planned" and "Registered".

verify registered section image

Step 10: You must arrange payments for you classes within 24 hours of registration or you will be dropped. To go to the payment arrangement screen, at the top of the page is a friendly Reminder. Or you can click on the Financial Information (bank pillar icon), Student Finance, then the choice that fits your needs, Account Summary, Make a Direct Payment, Set Up Payment Plan, Account Activity, or Registration Activity.  payment plan location image