Class Schedules

Written By Ron Coller (Administrator)

Updated at September 15th, 2021

Search from a wide variety of classes offered at Kellogg Community College. If you would like to Search and Register for a course please login to the Bruin Portal. Help is available here: help.kellogg.ed/en-US/search-for-sections

Step 1 From webpage, click on Class Schedules at the top of the page.

class schedules location image

Step 2 There are a couple different ways of searching for classes to see what is available. 

  1. Select from the list, and click on the subject. this will list all sections for that subject. (ENGL-151, 151H, 152, 153, 203).
  2. Type in the subject, it will return all the courses offered (ENGL-151, 151H, 152, 153, 203).
  3. Enter a specific course (ENGL-151), to see all the ENGL-151 sections.

At any time you would like to add a section to your schedule to register for, you will need to sign in. 

Search for classes image

Step 3 Fine tune your search with the Filters on the left of the screen. Locate the course, and click on the View Available Sections for Engl-151.

*Note - online sections will not have a set meeting day or time. They will have due dates, so please check with the instructor. 

search for courses and course sections image

Step 4 Results view: Seats available, Meeting times, Locations and instructors (TBD = To Be Determined)

Section results image