Sync Outlook to Android

Written By Ron Coller (Administrator)

Updated at July 14th, 2021

Sync your Outlook email to an Android Device

syncSYNC – By setting up your KCC email on your mobile device you are stating that you understand this technology exists and that the information on your phone could be lost if you or the KCC I.S. Department were to initiate a remote device wipe. If you do not want the KCC I.S. Department to have this ability, do not set up your device to sync with your KCC email account.You will have the ability to sync Mail, Contacts, & Calendar. If you need your password reset, please turn off your device(s) that have been synced to your account, they will lock your KCC account.
If you would like help syncing your account you may stop by the Help Desk an we will do our best to assist you in this process.

Download the Outlook Mobile App from the Google Play Store

Once downloaded an installed on the device, open and sign in with your KCC Email address and Bruin Portal Password.

Step 1. Open the Email app

Step 2. Select Office 365

Step 3. Enter in your KCC Email address ( and click on Next

Step 4. Enter in your Bruin Portal Password and click Sign In portal password image

Step 5. Apply the security settings they are required for email sync 

Step 6. Manual setup will allow you to change the Email Sync Period, Schedule, retrieval size, calendar, contacts, and tasks. Most users have opted out of the KCC Contacts, as it is your Email contacts 

Step 7. Option to give an Account name, when finished click on Done