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Avaya Phone Support Calls

Written By Ron Coller (Administrator)

Updated at March 24th, 2023

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Making Calls

Internal Number - dial the 4 digit extension (ie 4148) this will work for the all the Center's (RMTC-FC, Grahl, EAC) as well. 

Outside Number - pick up the handset and dial 9 to get out, then just dial the 7 digit phone number. (ie 99654148)

If you accidently dial 911 STAY ON THE LINE and let them know you dialed in error, otherwise they will call back if you do not pick up they will send someone to YOUR location. It is tracked back to your location for emergency services, this way if you call and cannot talk, they (emergency services) will know where to go. 

Long Distance Dial 9 + 1 + (area code) + phone number (ie. 912699654148), wait for the prompt (beep) and dial the long distance code you were provided. 

  • If you need a long distance code, please have your supervisor place in an IRT work order. 

Answering Calls

When a call comes into your phone, it will ring and alert you visually by flashing. 

  • To quiet the ringing, press Ignore. The call will still continue alerting visually without the sound.
  • To redirect the call to your voicemail box, press To VM
  • To answer using the handset, simply pick up the Handset
  • To answer the call handsfree, press the Speaker button
  • To answer the call on a headset, usually the headset will have a button on the side of it to press to answer and hang up. Otherwise press the Headset button on the phone. 


Do Not Disturb - usually located at the top right of the display, if you are not receiving any phone calls or getting reports that your phone is going straight to voicemail, check to see if DND enabled. Press the button next to DND to turn on and off.

Transferring Calls

It is very frustrating when you get transferred  to another department and have to repeat everything you said to each transfer. We can do better than that! Stay on the line when transferring and let the person you are transferring to know why the person is being transferred and give them as much information as you asked. If you have a k-id and already verified the person on the line, pass along that information. 

  • Press Transfer, the current call will be placed on hold
  • Dial the 4 digit extension
  • Wait until the new department answers
  • Give them information such as who, what, and why they are being transferred 
    • If they do not answer, press Cancel and let the original call know that they will most likely be placed in a voicemail because the person is not currently answering then transfer again, press Complete
  • Press Complete to pass the phone call. 

Transferring to Voicemail

  • Press Transfer and the current call will be placed on hold. 
  • Dial # then the extension
  • Press Transfer again or simply hang up the phone. 

Conference Call

Add multiple people to one phone call. 

  • First you will need to start one of the calls
  • Press the Conf button, this will place the 1st caller on hold.
  • Dial the party that you want to add to the conference (let them know its a conference call)
  • If they answer, and want to join, press Conf again
  • If they do not answer or want to join, press Drop and then press the key on the left to retrieve the 1st call. 

Forward Phone

Forward your phone number to another phone on campus or to your cell phone. 

  • Press Call Forward
  • Enter the 4-digit extension for on campus
    • If you want to Forward to your cell phone, enter 9+7digit phone number
  • Click on Save when finished.

To Cancel Call Forward - Simple press the Call Forward button again.