Extra Credit Activity

How to turn a Moodle Activity into Extra Credit

Written By Ron Coller (Administrator)

Updated at May 5th, 2023

There are a few different options for extra credit, depending on how your gradebook is setup will determine the way you will add extra credit. 

If you are using straight points (Natural / Sum of all grades) this method works well. Keep in mind the actual score of the activity and how much extra credit you are giving. It is easiest if you think of percentages versus points.  If you have any questions on how much you can give in a course, please contact your Department Chair. 


Step 1:  Login into your Moodle course, and click on Grades on the left navigation pane.

Grade button location image

Step 2: Using your mouse, click on Setup toward the top of the screen

Grades setup location image

Step 3: Locate the activity, on the right side you will need to click Edit and then Edit settings

Step 4: Scroll towards the bottom of the page under the Parent Category and put a check in the box for Extra credit save changes when finished. 

selecting extra credit at the bottom of the page and save changes image

Step 5: The grades will recalculate as there was a change in the gradebook. Click Continue when it is 100% done 

recalculating grade image continue when finished


Now that the activity has been changed to extra credit, you can visually see from the setup screen with “+”plus sign.