Tiles Course Format

Learn how to create an engaging learning experience for your students using the Tiles Course Format.

Written By Ron Coller (Administrator)

Updated at April 26th, 2023

A course format which displays course topics as "Tiles", in a grid rather than as a list. When clicked, tile content is displayed under the tile with an animated transition. The layout adapts to different screen sizes and orientations. Within each tile, activities can also be set to display as "sub-tiles". For each tile, the teacher can pick an icon from a predefined set, or upload a background photo.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Course Format must be changed in the new course prior to importing or having us restore a course for you. Otherwise it will loose all your images and icons for the Tile and revert to the default.  
image of course showing tiles format

How to set the Course Format: 

Step 1: Login to Moodle and enter the course/section

  1. Click on the Gear Icon at the top right of the Moodle page
  2. Then click on Edit Settings
Moodle gear icon and edit settings image

Step 2: From the Courses' Edit Settings page

  1. Click on the Course format to expand
  2. Change from Topics format to Tiles
Course format select tiles image

Once you select “Tiles” the page will refresh and give you quite a few different options

Course format settings image

Tiles icon - this will be the default icon for all the tiles, you will have an option to change them individually per tile, this is just the default icon selected

image of all available icons

Color for tiles - Option to change the Tiles outline color

Use sub tiles for activities -  within each tile, show every activity as a sub tile instead of as a list of activities. This does not apply to labels which will be shown as sub tiles so can be used as headings between tiles. 

image of list versus sub tiles

Use sub tiles in top section -  Not recommended -  If selected, sub tiles will be used in the top section (course header) of the course as well as within all tiles. 

Progress on each tile - when selected, the user's progress with activities will be shown in each tile, either as a fraction (example: 'Progress 2/10' meaning 2 out of the 10 activities are complete) or as a percentage in a circle. This can only be used if “Completion tracking” is enabled (turned on by default)  

*If there are not trackable activities within a given tile, indicator will not be shown for that tile.  (Activity Completion)

percentage vs fraction image

Filter bar (Outcomes unavailable) - When selected, will automatically display an array of buttons before the tile screen in a course, which users can click to filter down tiles to certain ranges. 

filter bar image

Step 3: Bottom of Course Settings page 

  1. Click on Save and Display at the bottom of page.
save and display button image

Step 4: Tile Options

  1. Re-order or Move topic
  2. Click on the icon image to change
  3. Click the pencil to change the name of the tile
    1. Press enter to save change. 
  1. Expand topic
Tiles option image

Step 5: Tile Edit Options

  1.  Click on the Edit button at the top right of the tile. 
    1. Edit section - allows you to change the name, add a description and utilize Restrict Access at the topic level. 
    2. Highlight - will add a different color border to this tile. 
    3. Enter section - changes view to one topic per page
    4. Reveal tile contents - shows what is in the topic 
    5. Hide tile - hide the tile from the students
    6. Delete tile - deletes tile and everything in it. 
      1. thanks goodness for the recycle bin 


To access the Recycle bin click on the gear icon from the course home page, if there isn't anything in the Recycle bin, you will not see it. It will only show if there is something in it. 

access to recycle bin image