How To - Leave Request within Bruin Portal

Written By Cole Dopp (Administrator)

Updated at March 22nd, 2022

Within the Bruin Portal go to Employee > Leave.

To put in a request to use vacation or sick time within the leave page, click on "Request Leave" in the top right corner of the screen.

Then it will pull up additional details page to specify your leave request. You'll have to specify if it is Vacation, Sick Leave, Floating Holiday, or Funeral Leave. Then enter the date range you will be gone. 
                   Finally enter the hours amount you will be gone during the days specified.

You can also attach a comment to the request by selecting "comments" in the top right. If you submit the request without a comment you meant to attach, you can reopen the request and do it afterwards as well.

                 When you click on comments it will open this menu.

                 Once you click "Add Comment" it will update the request and you will close the window.

Finally click on submit in the top right of the screen. Once submitted an email will be sent to your supervisor notifying them.

Then when you return to the leave tab you will see the request you put in and the status of it. Once approved or denied by your supervisor you will receive an email notification of the change in the status.

              Once Approved you will see the status updated like shown below.

Modifying an existing Leave Request 

How do I rescind a Leave Request?

  • The process is to contact your supervisor and have them reject the request.

How do I make changes to a Leave Request that has already been approved?

  • The process is to contact your supervisor and have them reject the request. Then you can click into the same request and modify the date and time accordingly and re-submit to your supervisor.

Email Notifications:

When you submit a leave request, your supervisor will receive an email notification. Additionally, when your supervisor approves or denies the request then you the requester will receive an email notification as well of the updated status.