Student Course History via TRAN (Unofficial Transcript)

Written By Cole Dopp (Administrator)

Updated at April 18th, 2023

Student Course History (using TRAN)

The X702 program (Student Course History) is going to be retired shortly and will no longer be available. Its replacement will be the unofficial transcript from TRAN (Transcript Print), as shown below:

This Document will go over the basics for viewing the unofficial transcript.
To create a student transcript document (unofficial transcript):

  1. From any menu, enter TRAN (Transcript Print).
  2. Trans Grouping should be SH (Unofficial).
  3. "Use Grouping Ptr" should be No so you can view it on your screen before printing.
  4. "Verify Prt Restrs should be No so you can view it on your screen before. 
  5. Recipient, Sort Order, Add Hierarchy, and Saved List names fields may be ignored.
  6. Students: enter student ID(s) if known or you can do a lookup using the students name.
  7. Click on Save to begin processing.

            For Update record, Cancel record, or Return to editing, click on update to continue.

            You do not need to change anything here. Although For the Output device if you select P then you will be able to specify a printer to send it to. H in the output device puts it in hold and allow you to view it on your screen. Once you have selected which option you prefer, click on Save to continue.

            For Update Record, Cancel Record, or Return to editing, Click on Update to Continue.

            Click on "Finish" (if window appears).

            If there is a transcript you will see it now.

Printing the Unofficial Transcript:

Using Screen the screen shot above as an example, click on the export PDF button. The below window should appear. For best results, use the options settings as shown, and then click on create PDF. Note that font size is changeable. If the pdf output does not look as expected, or is word wrapping into multiple lines, try a different value here. Additionally, you might have better results sending the output directly to the printer through TRAN (select P rather than H for output), instead of using the report browser and converting to PDF before printing.

You should see a window similar to the one above. Note the name of the file name under the download button. Click on the download button . Click on the Download Button and then click on "Open File" for the item noted above.

The File will open and you may choose to print using printer button: