Time Entry Students & Hourly Adjuncts

Written By Ron Coller (Administrator)

Updated at September 15th, 2021

Log into the Bruin Portal, click on Employee and finally on Time entry.

You should see a line for each week or the payroll period

*If you are employed in more than one position, you will see all of your positions listed to the right

multiple position payroll week image

*After click the arrow, each position will be listed separately

To enter your hours, click on the down pointing arrow at the right hand side of the line for the appropriate week and/or position to expand the timecard

For the starting time, click in the box under the appropriate date

Click on the time you began working making sure to indicate AM or PM.

On the next line, you will click in the box and then click the time you left. 

If you need another line to enter the time you returned from a (lunch) break, click the + button

plus sign for added time entry rows image

Click in the box to enter the time you returned from break

Click in the box on the next line to enter the time you left for the day

If you find that you have entered the hours on the incorrect day, click in the boxes where the time was entered and delete. 

Repeat this process for each day that you worked for the week

When done with that week, click Save

To go to the next week, click the right facing arrow at the top of the screen

Enter the hours worked the second week of the payroll period

If you did not work any hours during the week, you will still need to submit that week to your supervisor. Leave the times as zero for each day

At this time, if you are ready to send your timecard to your supervisor, click the Submit for Approval button

If you would like to add a comment for the supervisor, click the Comments button before submitting

You will need to submit each week separately

After submitting the timecard, be sure to watch your email for a message that your timecard was approved or rejected

If you discover an error after you have submitted your timecard for approval, you can un-submit it to make corrections as long as the supervisor has not yet approved, and it is before Noon on the Monday due date.

Log back into the Bruin Portal, click on Employee, Time Entry (make sure you click on the paper icon with the green writing)

Click the right pointing arrow for the timecard that needs to be un-submitted

Click Return Timecard to Edit