New Student Application

How to submit an Application for a new student

Written By Ron Coller (Administrator)

Updated at April 28th, 2022

Please enter your information in each of the following sections. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required and must be completed before you can submit your application. Additional questions may become required based on your answers to a previous question.

Please be as thorough as possible in the application process. This information will be used to help us better serve you!

Step 1: Go to and click on the Sign In button

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Step 2: Enter your Email address and Password.

Sign in, enter your email address and password image

Forgot Password?  Click here for help

Step 3: Continue where you left off by clicking on the Kellogg Application for Admission

Step 4: Click on the Start Application 

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Step 5: Some of the information is automatically filled from when you created your application account. Enter your Middle Name, Suffix, Preferred First Name, and all your Former Last Name(s) if applicable. 

Personal information image

Step 6: Selecting your Gender is optional, verify your Date of Birth is correct. Click on Contact Information when your finished

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Step 7:Use the Mailing/Permanent Address search feature to auto fill in all the fields below. If your address is not found in the search you are able to manually fill in the fields. 

* Required fields are marked with an *asterisk 

Insert your address fields image

Step 8: If you have a Home Phone number use the drop down menu to select Country Code (A) then enter your 10-digit Phone Number (B) using only numbers and not parenthesis (). Entering your Cell Phone number use the drop down menu to select Country Code (C) then enter your 10-digit Phone Number (D) using only numbers and not parenthesis (). Opt in for SMS (text messages) (E)phone number images

Step 9: If you enter your T-Shirt Size (A), this is used for future purposes, when the College will host some events on campus such as The Bruin Blast we give out free t-shirts and would like to make sure we have enough shirts of different sizes. When finished click on the Demographic Information (B)

T-shirt size and demographic link image

Step 10 (Option 1 of 3): Demographic Information US Citizen select from the drop down menu, you will need to enter your Social Security Number please enter in only numbers for you SS# (ex. 123456789) without any spaces, dashes, or slashes.  Select either Yes or No for Hispanic/Latino Optional for Race.

Us Citizen enter in social security number and optional ethnic information image

Step 10 (Option 2 of 3): Demographic Information Non-Citizen select from the drop down menu. Depending on how you answer there may be more information required. Select if you currently hold a US Visa. If you do not currently hold a US Visa, will you require an F1 Student Visa sponsored by KCC? If you do, please indicate "yes" or "no" if you are from a country where English is the primary language? 

non citizen demographic information image

Proof of Funds: Students seeking an F-1 visa must provide proof of funds that show a minimum of $19,617 with an official bank statement in English or certified English translation no older than 60 days. The currency must be in United States Dollars (USD).

Proof of funds information image

Drag files here or click to browse to your file for upload. Please answer Yes or No "Do you have any dependents that will need an F-2 Visa?If so, please enter their First Name, Last Name, and Birthdate. Click on Go to Next Step when finished

Upload proof of funds image

Step 10 (Option 3 of 3): Demographic Information Permanent Resident select from the drop down menu, you will need to enter your Social Security Number please enter in only numbers for you SS# (ex. 123456789) without any spaces, dashes, or slashes.  Select either Yes or No for Hispanic/Latino Optional for Race. Select Go to Next Step when finished

Step 11: Academic History - please choose which one best describes you. If you have a GED or Highschool diploma please indicate that versus just being over the age of 18, this is for people that will not have either the GED or Highschool diploma. Let us know if you have Attended Another College, this will allow you to hopefully transfer in some credits that you have already worked so hard to earn

Academic history image

Step 12:  How to enter your High school diploma, Home school or GED information - using the High School Search type in the name of your High School, Home School or where you attended your GED courses and select from the list. Change the School Type from either High School, Home School or GED. Select your Graduation Status and enter the Graduation Date.  You will have the option to enter in another school after you Save

High school home school or GED information to enter image

Step 13:  If you have your High School, Home School or GED transcripts you can upload them here by either dragging and dropping the file using your mouse or by clicking on the "Upload file" image to browse to your document to upload. 

Step 14: Using the Search feature to select from the list of the College or University you previously attended, when you are finished adding click on the Save button

adding a college or university image

Step 15: Enter your Educational Goals which vary from Earn a degree and transfer to another 4 year institution to a guest student. Indicate the Area of Study, Program of study, and Application term when you plan on beginning your educational journey. When finished please click on Go to Next Step

Academic information image

Step 16: Military Information, if you select any type of affiliation, it will ask for what branch for the Military 

military information image

Thank you for your service! 

Hit Submit your finished with the application

Optional: Address verification is optional during the application process. However, before you can register for classes, we do require you to verify your address with the Registrar's office to ensure you receive the correct tuition rates

To establish your residency, update or correct your address in our system, KCC requires a picture ID with your current address on it. If your ID does not have your current address, please send a picture of your ID along with documentation providing your address. The documentation can be in the form of:

  • Lease agreement showing your name as an occupant with your mailing address visible
  • Business mail (not from KCC, not a shipping label, and not hand written) in your name at the stated address. Utility bills are a great example of what would work. 
  • Voter registration card, bank statement, or check stub
  • If you are a high school dual enrolled or early college, you may use your Skyward or Powerschool account as long as your name, address, and picture appear on the page.

Note you will only be able to upload one file. If you are including multiple documents, please save them in one file before uploading. 

You can attempt to lay the documents out on the table and take a picture with your mobile device that will clearly show your picture ID, Name, and address. 

More information about the address verification process can be found